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Running Products

    •   Black/Green
    •   White/Green
    •   Red/Green
    •   Viper/Green

    Progressive+ Ultralight Compression Calf Sleeves

    For the ambitious endurance athlete and made of an extra-strong compression for maximum performance for improved coordination and a faster recovery.


    •   Purple
    •   Lime/Hawaii Blue
    •   Sunset/Hawaii Blue
    •   Sunset/Pink
    •   Lime/Pink

    Progressive+ Compression Calf Sleeves 2.0

    Increased blood flow with the added protection of muscle support make these a perfect addition to any training or race day.


    •   Purple
    •   Lime/Hawaii Blue
    •   Sunset/Hawaii Blue
    •   Sunset/Pink
    •   Lime/Pink


    No matter the distance, The Run Sock 2.0 offers the maximum benefits. CEP's proprietary compression profile improves blood flow, reduces muscle soreness and quickens recovery time.  


    •   Black

    Dynamic+ Run Shorts

    More energy for greater endurance and enhanced performance for triathlons. Featuring medi compression to prevent injury, while noticeable improving your running experience.



  • Cramps

    Hard training strains and injures muscles.

  • Pressure points and blisters

    Caused by loose socks and creases in the fabric.

  • Exhaustion

    The legs are heavy and need a break

  • Moisture and heat

    Caused by sweat and heat build-up in running shoes.

With CEP more energy, stamina, and performance when running

  • Performance You Can Feel

    From the moment you put them on, CEP’s proprietary compression profile gets to work on optimizing blood in the lower leg.

  • Perfect Fit

    CEP’s mastery of compression knitting technology yields socks that are engineered to anatomic perfection. Right and Left Specific construction and Gender specific measurements create a fit that is unmatched in performance socks.

  • Proven Performance Technology

    CEP’s unique mix of Consistent and Graduated Compression Technologies optimizes arterial and venous blood flow in the athlete. The result is increased endurance, sustained power and reduced chance for injury.

  • Always Comfortable/All Conditions

    Wicking and drying performance is elevated by CEP’s compression fit. Moisture management and Odor control technologies keep your feet dry, cool and comfortable.


Runners already know all about them: running legwear and socks from CEP. CEP set one of the most noticeable fashion trends in running in recent years with its brash knee socks. Initially mocked as thrombosis socks or support stockings, compression legwear from CEP has long proven its effectiveness. Studies show that CEP socks increase the flow of blood, which in turn helps prevent muscle soreness and cramps and can even reduce the chance of getting shin splints. The ergonomic foot section is another plus, which minimizes the risk of getting blisters thanks to the perfect stay-put, crease-free fit. Bright colors and bold neon designs have helped make CEP legwear a fashion trend that not only looks cool, but has also become an indispensable part of every runner’s gear.

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Set Descending Direction

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