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Why CEP Clone?

Everyone is a different shape and size. Compression benefits are realized when targeted compression is optimally applied to the muscles. CLONE guarantees a perfect fit for “custom recovery” ensuring an exact fit of your lower extremities – your body will multiply your results.

How to Use Your Clone

You’re an elite athlete who pushes your body to the limits. Your Clone will functionally assist in regenerating your legs with oxygen & nutrients while penetrating deep veins that will flush out lactic acid and waste. The graduated medical compression, made by medi, increases circulation which will heighten your recovery for maximum benefit. You’ll feel fresh, revived and ready for your next challenge.



What Do I Get?

  • Men's or Women's material of choice
  • Full tights or thigh length
  • Open or close-toe option for comfort
  • CEP Compliance Kit: Wash Bag, Detergent, Donning Gloves, Day & Night Hydrator

What is the Price?

Thigh Length: $269.95 (2 pairs)

Thigh Length: $189.95 (1 pair)

Full Tight: $299.95 (2 pairs)

Full Tight: $199.95 (1 pair)

Combo (1 Full + Thigh): $289.95

What is the Process to Get Cloned?

  • Find a Clone dealer
  • Call and schedule a time to get measured (allow 30-45 min. to get fitted)
  • When your garment is ready (7-10 days), you will receive a notification from your clone dealer.
  • Clone garments are generally shipped directly to you.

recoring+ system inside

When to Use Clone

  • For at least 3-4 hours after your activity
  • On the plane to prevent a DVT and assist in blood flow
  • At night while you sleep
  • Under your jeans or pants
  • Clone is made for RECOVERY and should only be used at rest.

6 Month Compression Guarantee

All CEP products are backed by medi’s 6 month,every day guarantee. Medi guarantees the rate of compression in all of their products if you were to wear them every day for 6 months. If you plan on wearing Clone everyday we recommend going with our one year program which includes two Clones of your choice. This will ensure you have one-to-wear and one-to-wash.

Clone Measurements


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