How Compression Apparel Helps You Recover Faster

How Compression Apparel Helps You Recover Faster

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How well you recover from a workout or competition has a lot to do with the clothing you wear during it. 

Compression apparel is effective at minimizing soreness after exercise and helping athletes recover faster from any lingering effects. Studies have shown that compression apparel reduces muscle pain and inflammation in addition to improving endurance and performance. 

So just how does compression clothing work to help with recovery?

4 Ways Compression Gear Helps You Recover

Compression Reduces Lactic Acid

During exercise, the blood in our extremities is depleted of its oxygen and nutrients. Without enough oxygen to complete the job, the body begins generating lactate, which is then used to turn into energy. But when lactate is produced, an excess amount of unused lactate can collect in the extremities and cause muscle soreness

Compression clothing uses a graduated tightness that is more snug around the foot and ankle and then becomes gradually less tight in the direction of your core. This graduated compression helps your body more quickly move the depleted blood back to the heart and prevents lactic acid from building up in your extremities. 

The basic formula is that improved circulation during exercise equates to less recovery time. But the recovery benefits of compression apparel don’t stop there. 

Compression Minimizes Vibrations

When you run or jump, tiny vibrations are sent rippling through your muscles. This repeated vibration acts as a microtrauma to the muscles, which leads to soreness and fatigue soon after. Compression apparel keeps muscles in place and tightly packed to the body so the vibrations — and ensuing pain and stiffness — are minimized.    

Compression Regulates Temperature

Muscles can also be slow to recover when having to transition from hot to cold or cold to hot. Heat cramps can happen when exercising in extreme heat while cold weather causes muscles to contract and tighten up. Compression apparel helps regulate your body temperature to cool you down when it’s hot or warm you up when it’s cold, maintaining a healthy working temperature for your muscles. 

Compression Eliminates Blisters

A blister can leave you in recovery mode for days. But the anatomical fit, targeted padding and no-slip design of compression socks reduce friction and eliminate blisters. 

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