Feature Friday: Carrie Birth

Feature Friday: Carrie Birth

Carrie Birth's story

Everybody has a story, they are the best part of the Olympics, right? Learning about the lives, routines, and quirks of the athletes! I started to write mine for feature Friday and realized that my story has so many ups and downs, it would be more like a novella then a ‘feature’. Instead, I remembered this game we used to play on my old running team in Minnesota, so I whipped it out for CEPs “Feature Friday”!

I am Carrie Birth-Davis, go by “CB”….here’s my 10 X 10!

True or False

  • I’ve run in a foreign country. True
  • I’ve been flirted with post race. True
  • I do barefoot strides in the summer. False. I’d probably sprain my ankle.
  • I pray before a race. True.
  • I’ve left work early to go running. Shhhhh….
  • Beer is an acceptable post race replenish-ment. Yuck – I actually don’t like beer☹
  • Burgers are better than burritos. Um…depends on what kind of burrito or burger…so I am going to say ‘not enough information’ ☺
  • I’ve Googled myself. True
  • A dog has jumped on me during a run. Very True

Yes or No

  • I’ve run 100 miles in a week. No, 89 is my high.
  • I log my miles with pen and paper. No (google.docs)
  • I drink coffee prerace. Sort of? I eat a UCAN Coffee Bean Bar, does that count?
  • I ice my legs postrace. Sort of? I go to US Cryotherapy - which is even better @ -180 degrees!
  • I own a treadmill. That would be a HELL NO.
  • I have taken a selfie. Yes, I mean, maybe once a day ☺
  • I look up race results of my rivals. Used to…Don’t care anymore. I need the push they provide.
  • I have run through injury. Oh vey. NO comment ☹
  • I have gone skinny dipping. Maybe.
  • I read a book to fall asleep at night. Yes


  • Ice cream. Dairy bugs my stomach, so my favorite is SKOOP from Nekter (It’s a local place here that has dairy free ice cream!)
  • Athlete.  I get to pick (4) b/c today is my birthday ☺ Adam Goucher, Kara Goucher, Anthony Rizzo, and Abby Wambach.
  • Running shoe. Skechers GO Run Ride 7, hands down best shoe you will ever run in.
  • Movie. Spirit of the Marathon
  • Board/card game. So Easy. Clue!
  • Color. Red
  • Season. Summer!
  • President. Obama                      
  • Book. Peak Performance.

Word Association

  • Socks. CEP
  • Running Fuel. UCAN
  • Home. Chicago
  • Coach. Adam
  • Best Friend. Husband
  • Important to you. I’m an Ally.
  • Family. Love.
  • Cross Training. Swim.
  • Naps. Critical.
  • Hobby. Baking my famous Balls ☺

Fill-in the Blank

  • I’d rather be running.
  • Not running in high school or college is my biggest regret.
  • Phrase that runs through my head lately is CANCER SUCKS.
  • Not much can make me happier than chasing my dream.
  • If I could only listen to one song while running, it would be Eye of the Tiger!
  • I sleep with 2 pillows, always.
  • 28 is the most miles I’ve ever run in a day.
  • My Dream Is to qualify for the O Trials!

1 - 10

1 is the least/worst. 10 is the most/best.

  • Desire to run in all 50 states. 7
  • Priority I place running in my life. 9
  • My fear of injury. 10
  • My ability to get out of my comfort zone while racing. 8
  • Beer Miles. 1
  • Pearl Jam. 5
  • Restricting food/diet. 2
  • Shakespeare. 4
  • Importance I place on my eating habits. 3
  • Runner’s World. 6

1 word

  • Twitter handle? Not cool enough for Twitter, sorry!
  • Instagram Name?  @runningcb
  • College? Miami of Ohio
  • Car model? Ruby, Honda Accord ☺
  • Carn-, herb-, or omnivore? Omnivore
  • Occupation? Sell Toilet Paper and Paper Towels ☺
  • Hardest race course? Jamestown Bridge Race (Rhode Island)
  • Easiest race course? CIM
  • Training philosophy? Run a lot of good miles with a lot of good people ☺


  • Height & Weight. 5’9 & 110 lbs
  • Most laps ever on a track.  Um, not sure, not really a track guru, but my coach likes 10 X 1k whatever that would be….
  • 5K PR. 18:07
  • 10K PR. 37:07
  • Shoe size. 10
  • Preferred racing distance. Marathon
  • MPW. 75-89 – when I am moving and grooving, I can get to 85 week in and week out for months. I want to get to 90s.
  • Minutes per day online. Idk, I am kind of burnt out with all that, I do love my Instagram though!
  • Texts sent per day. A lot. Between work, setting up running buddies, and family, and friends all over ( I have moved 5x)….it’s my mojo!
  • Age started running. 23

Either Or

  • Front runner or late surger? Front Runner.
  • Trail runner or road burner? Road burner.
  • Fenway or Gillette? Fenway - but really Wrigley – I am a die hard Cubs Fan!
  • Tea or coffee? Tea!!! Obsessive Tea Drinker, love my Starbucks Tea!
  • GPS junkie or run on feel? GPS - insert rolling eye emoji.
  • Track or treadmill? Track. I avoid the treadmill like the bubonic plague.
  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
  • Network TV or streaming? Network TV
  • Wine or beer? Neither
  • Dogs or cats? Dogs

Hodge Podge

  • Zodiac sign. Aries
  • Hours of sleep per night. 8-9
  • Percent of day spent thinking about run-ning. Too much
  • Refrigerator essential. Peanut Butter.
  • Thing you are anal about. Socks, have to be CEP.
  • Best food.  Acai Bowls!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rather step in gum or dog poop. Gum
  • # of bumper stickers on my car. Zero

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