Nominate your Healthcare Hero who is Making a Difference.

CEP is partnering with Meb Keflezighi to honor the heroes on the frontline working tirelessly to keep us safe and healthy. We are grateful for the bravery and sacrifices all the medical personnel are making during this time. As a small way to thank them, we will be giving away several pairs of CEP compression socks during the month of May to nominated healthcare professionals.
To nominate your healthcare hero, please fill out the form below. Winners will be announced every Friday on our Instagram story during the month of May. You will be contacted via email if your hero is selected. We will post all submissions on this page to honor all workers and share their stories. All submissions will be reviewed before publishing on this website.
Tell their story, share their picture, and enter to win them to win a Free pair of CEP Compression Socks!


Dr. David Kugelman

Nominated By: Maxine Kugelman

Dr. David Kugelman is a 2nd year resident in orthopedics at NYU. Since David was five years old he wanted to be a doctor examining family and friends with his Barney doctor kit. David was the first in the family to go to college and medical school where he pursued his dreams. David works at NYU, the VA hospital, Bellevue, NYU ortho and Jamaica hospitals. When the pandemic first started his hospital was lacking protective supplies and this made for a very scary and risky situation. Throughout this time Dr. Kugelman had to treat and set fractures on his patients as well as treat Covid19 patients, but Dr. Kugelman knew he is doing what he loves for his patients and wants everyone to be safe and healthy. He is New York strong and tough and admired by all who he encounters.



Paula Chaverra

Nominated By: Carolyn Chaverra

My sister is an amazing and compassionate emergency room nurse. She works in one of the best hospitals in NYC and she loves what she does. And that’s why she’s my hero. She works nonstop and I can see how stressful her job is! I love my sister

Nominated By: John Mejia

She’s an amazing ER nurse who has been working in the frontlines for more than 7 years. She’s compassionate and always with a positive attitude. She works in one of the best hospitals in NYC and she loves what she does. She’s my hero.

Nominated By: Theodore Macario

Paula is an amazing nurse that works in a busy emergency department in NYC. She’s my hero because besides being a great nurse she’s my girlfriend.


Regina Rieger

Nominated By: Jackie Rieger

My mom is a certified nurse midwife and active duty Army. She goes to work everyday taking care of at risk patients and celebrating the joy of life My mom gives her all to her patients, never asking for anything in return. She has such a way with her patients that they all love her and request that she take care of them. She also takes care of her staff.Treating them fairly and allowing them to have a safe place to talk. All of our healthcare workers and first responders are working so hard to keep communities safe that this small token would show how much love and support the community has for them.


Katie Monteleone

Nominated By: Jenna Monteleone

Jenna works as an operating room, recovery, and GI nurse. She works hard everyday and provides excellent care to her patients.


Johna Sisk

Nominated By: Eric Sisk

She is my wife. She is selfless and has a servant’s heart. She just got back from volunteering in Brooklyn to help dialyze COVID-19 patients. So proud of her!


LeTia Lybor

Nominated By: Ashley Nelson

I would like to tell you about LeTia she is a hero, a hard working Frontline hero, she is a paramedic. LeTia has been a paramedic EMT for 20 years! She lives to help people. Not only is she a frontline health care hero but she is also a strong woman who qualified to go to the Strongman National competition in September, she is a power lifter, bodybuilding trail runner who already knows CEP works. Please please please LeTia definitely deserves a little love from CEP. Thank you.


Greg Pflug

Nominated By: Spencer Pflug

Greg is my dad and is a rockstar! He manages an assisted living home in Georgia and is working his butt off trying to keep all his residents healthy during this time. He’s the kind of person that will drop everything to help people. He has been spending way more time at work than he has to and it’s because he has a genuine care for his staff and residents. He is on his feet all day when he shouldn’t be and I think a pair of compression socks would be great for him to wear during the day.


Joe LaFeve

Nominated By: Hannah LaFeve

My husband is a dedicated CRNA who is passionate about best and safest practice. He is also an devoted dad to our two boys.


Ellen Wolchok

Nominated By: Dr. Christina Wolchok

My daughter, Dr. Christina Wolchok, is my hero! She wanted to be a doctor as a little girl and played the Operation Game often. In the third grade, she memorized all the bones in the human body and would recite them. She has been on numerous medical mission trips to many different countries. She works tirelessly and compassionately for her patientseven during this Pandemic on the frontline. Dr. Christina Wolchok, General Surgery, Chief Resident Physician at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital and Peconic Bay Medical Center Long Island , New York. She and her colleagues work 24 hour shifts and are the go-to team for procedures - placement of central lines, chest tubes, dialysis access, surgical airways, and feeding tubes on critical Covid-19 patients. She also performs any emergent surgeries that come to the hospital while caring for general surgical patients. For these reasons Dr. Christina is my hero!


Janine Goudet

Nominated By: Bill Gahwyler

Janine is an RN at Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack NJ in the hotbed of Corvid19. Janine is on the Palliative Care Team. Despite that, Janine is now working with the most seriously affected patients in the hospital. She is working extra shifts like most of the staff. In addition, Janine is training for her first Ironman 70.3 race. Her scheduled race was Ironman 70.3 Connecticut but it was cancelled. She switched to Ironman 70.3 Maine at the end of August. She remains hopeful that the race will be held as scheduled Janine is the definition of HERO and she deserves a pair of the best compression socks on the market, CEP.


Graham Nichol

Nominated By: Elizabeth Cross Nichol

Graham is an emergency physician and clinical researcher at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA. In additional to serving with his colleagues in ground zero for COVID in the United States, he helped a local non profit social impact design firm ( develop, validate and disseminate an open source face shield. This has since been mass produced by 3D printing and injection moulding for use by providers as personal protective equipment throughout the United States.


Michalann Cole

Nominated By: Dylan Cole

Michalann works with the geriatrics department at Southampton Memorial Hospital. She has worked every day since the quarantine has began. She always maintains a professional attitude, even during these odd times. She works extremely hard, and always puts our family first. There is no better healthcare professional to call a hero.


Makenzie Weaver

Nominated By: Rachel Griffith

Makenzie is a Radiation Therapist! She not only helps patient’s in the fight against cancer, but now Covid 19! She is my health care hero for always having compassion and joy each and everyday!! Cancer does not stop for Covid!!!


Jessica Hoffman

Nominated By: Debbie Lang

My daughter Jessica is an RN at St Joseph mercy hospital in Howell Michigan. She has been caring for patients since this pandemic started even though that isn't her regular floor. About 4 weeks ago she tested positive for covid 19 and a week later so did her husband. They have a 1 year old son at home. This was incredibly scary and they were very sick. They have both recovered and she is already back to work and caring for patients. Thank God the baby never got it. Nurses are True heroes because I wouldn't be so anxious to go back after having been sick like she did. Thank you Jessica and all the other nurses who care for us and put patients first. ❤️🙏


Candice Ramseth

Nominated By: Eric Ramseth

My wife works as a nurse for the Covid Unit at Edward Hospital. We have 3 kids and she comes home after working 12 hour night shifts and still is the best mom to them. They have to reuse their PPE or use home made PPE and wipe them down with Costco wipes. I would like to nominate her so she can find some happiness within this darkness.


Louella Glibert

Nominated By: Christian Glibert

Louella is one of the most dedicated people I know. She qualified for the Boston Marathon this spring and was going to run it for the first time, despite the postponement she has kept a positive attitude. She works daily on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis as an MRI technologist in the hospital system. She reports to work everyday without complaint and has maintained a very uplifting spirit during this time. She has overcome much adversity in her life and this is just another step along the way.


Suzanne Brooks

Nominated By: Veronica Crane

Suzanne is a hospital physiotherapist. She helps people move after injuries, surgery or serious medical incidents. Throughout this crisis, she still has to go to work as people need to get back on their feet, all the while now wearing PPE. It's a tough job, but she is a very compassionate individual. Shes' also a Mum of a teenager and a dedicated volunteer in the Calgary running community. She is the Event Director for the Nose Hill parkrun and a parkrun Ambassador for Canada.


Heather Fortier

Nominated By: Stephanie Mollison

Heather is a RN at Baystate in Springfield Ma. She is a mother to a beautiful 2 year old and expecting her second child in September. Heather works long days normally but during a pandemic they are even longer. Being on your legs for 12+ hours is hard enough but add in being pregnant makes it much more challenging. She does this for us and so deserves to have something done for her! Thank you Heather and all the Healthcare workers!


Wendy Reynolds

Nominated By: Angie Knipple

Wendy is hardworking and selfless. She always puts her patients, nurses and others first in all that she does. In these times filled with fear and unknown, Wendy is level-headed and compassionate. She’s my super hero!


James Gray

Nominated By: Alan Gray

Foremost, he's the greatest father ever !!! Long before this health scare arrived he was and will always be the most caring RN the world will ever know.


Lilias "Missy " VanDuzer

Nominated By: David Hourcade

Missy is my sister. She is a respiratory therapist at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, PA. As a RT, she is in extremely close contact with Covid patients every shift, every day she is at work. She has even filled in for coworkers who haven't been able to do their shift.She does all this while still being a wife and a mother of 4 teens and preteens AND taking care of our 90 year old Mom. She is a true healthcare hero.


Willem Strittmatter

Nominated By: Gracie Arenas

My husband has been working tirelessly at the hospital during this crisis and I would like for him to have one pair of your fabulous socks! He wears them every day to work and uses them for recovery from runs.


John Barnett

Nominated By: Judson Moore

Dr. Barnett works with cancer patients. He specializes in prostate type cancer, I think. During this entire time of uncertainty, Dr. Barnett has continued to selflessly and tirelessly serve his patients so that they can recover from an otherwise bleak outlook. He is saving lives while being willing to place his own welfare in jeopardy. He is a true Hero!


Frances Cheng

Nominated By: Douglas Roseman

My wife Frances works as a pharmacist at NYU Hospital in Manhattan. Ever since this crisis started, she's been working so much overtime and overnight, programming the computer and pharmacy systems for the hospital. She has inspired me every day with her professionalism and energy. Truly the strongest woman I know.


Dan Harrington

Nominated By: Mark Harrington

He's my nephew, a PA in a hospital in Tulsa, OK. Works among all kinds of patients, including ones suffering from CoVid19.



Barry Bachenheimer

Barry is an EMT for the South Orange Rescue Squad in New Jersey. He has been an EMT for 34 years and has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 response. Barry is also a runner, cyclist, and swimmer.


Shannon Gallegos

Nominated By: Marie Gallegos

Shannon is a hard working nurse who has helped hundreds of patients during this pandemic. She goes the extra mile to make sure her patients are taken care of and if they need to talk to loved ones on through face time she does that as well. She devotes her time to the veterans and makes sure they are well taken care. Shannon also makes sure to take care of her traumatic brain injury patients. She works endlessly and all of her patients love her. Shannon loves your socks and feels she couldn't work without them. Shannon is a wonderful nurse who loves her patients and will never give up on them. She has been a angel through this pandemic.


Lauren Maze

Physical therapist and active runner working at a rehabilitation hospital in Clive, Iowa. We generally rehabilitate people that aren’t quite ready to go straight home from the hospital but can participate in more intense therapy than at a nursing home.


Pamela Dahlstrom

Nominated By: Faith Reed

She is my mom! I became a nurse because of her. She takes care of premature babies and is an amazing nurse for 40+ yrs now!


Carl Shimkin

Nominated By: Ken Hatfield

Carl is a healthcare provider (RN) in NYC ....the center of the Covid-19 pandemic. He is focused, and steadfast. He works hard in the most difficult circumstances and never complains about his hardships. He selflessly dedicates himself to helping others.


Carrie McNeely

Nominated By: Bob Ferrari

She's a nurse, a caretaker, a leader, and an athlete...


Sybil Shapiro

Nominated By: William Sanders

Sybil works in oncology infusion and is also a divorced single mom who is juggling work with having to home school her two kids and is constantly being exposed to at risk individuals for Covid-19.


Michele Phelps

Nominated By: Conrad Gumbs

Michele gets up every day never complaining about being in harms way while performing her job. Her strength and dedication to the community inspires me. She is a CT Technologist and often patients with possible Covid-19 are being sent to the department to get scans to rule out the disease as testing kits have not been readily available and take a long time to get the results. Often the disease shows up in the lungs and many ED Doctors need CT to aid in the care of their patients. I feel sometimes other important people in the front line don’t receive the recognition for putting themselves out there for us. What truly amazes me is that she is so dedicated and her compassion for the patients shines through when I hear her talk about her day. She is a driving force in the care of these patients every day and I am so proud of her.


Diosdado Agao

Nominated By: Denisse Kristel Agao

My Dad is my superhero. He is a surgeon in a government hospital in our city. He is well loved by his co-workers and patients because he's kind hearted, hardworking and passionate. He is serving humbly to every patient especially to those who don't have money to pay him. What's important to him is to serve everyone in need. When the pandemic came in our country, Philippines, our health care system is not prepared for this pandemic. Lack of PPE and supplies became a huge problem and put my dad in high risk that he may get infected but it doesn't stop him serving people. He did admit that he's scared too the get infected, but compassion to others drives him to help others in need to overcome his fear. In 30 years of his practice he's still doing his job very well and will continue to serve people as long as he can.


Karen Bedford

Nominated By: Gary Bedford

Shes been working hard supporting me & our twins whilst I'm laid off work due to covid19 closure. She is a NHS worker in Mental health working supporting people with CBT therapy. Lots of people going through very difficult times and the weight of the issues for people at this time takes its toll on my her.


Christine Daniels

Nominated By: Anthony Ho

Christine has been a critical care nurse for 5 years. She’s used to taking care of very sick surgical, trauma, and cardiac patients; and loves it. When Covid started hitting our area, her unit and staff members were one of the first units in the hospital to care for Covid patients. She often came home exhausted, both mentally and physically, and crying because of how sick those patients were. She’s not use to feeling so helpless or seeing such a high volume of deaths like she did with Covid. Although ‘the curve is coming down’, she continues to care for the sickest Covid patients; working tirelessly to keep them alive. She doesn’t like to be called a hero, often times brushing it off as “it’s my job”, but she’s our hero. Although I typically don’t participate in these things, Christine loves CEP compression socks; she wears them for her long nursing shifts and during her long ultramarathon runs. I know it would mean a lot to her if she was selected to receive a pair of socks.


Shannon Seepersad

Nominated By: Jason Seepersad

Shannon is a veteran ICU nurse of 20 years, who currently works in the Covid19 ICU. Shannon not only works tirelessly with her patients as a charge nurse in her unit, but she also took the time to print T-shirts to bring solidarity among healthcare workers, which went worldwide. The campaign raised over five thousand dollars for a nonprofit organization, Volunteers in Medicine, to assist with people who now would be in need of healthcare after losing their jobs, and lack of insurance. All proceeds from the T-Shirts went directly to the organization. Shannon was contacted by several local news stations that were empowered by her story. Shannon also takes in supplies to her hospital on a weekly basis, to make sure her coworkers have what they need to stay protected. Shannon has hung blessed medallions outside each of her patients rooms to offer comfort and prayer. She started a program in which families could communicate with their loved ones in the ICU VIA FACETIME due to visiting restrictions. She goes above and beyond each and every day


Erica Kam

Nominated By: Laura Townsend

Erica Kam works as a respiratory lead at one of our local Edmonton, Alberta, Canada hospital’s but she has also been picking up extra shifts as a respiratory therapist. As she described “My work is stressful as I field guidelines and collaborate to plan for best practice in uncharted waters ... I don’t take any of this lightly ( sleeping poorly) as advocating for best patient care is right alongside ensuring Covenant staff have latest guidance to keep them safe . Fierce Momma Bear looking out for all her Respiratory cubs - as well as the ripple to the entire care team . When I have the chance to serve bedside I do and live what I preach” Erica & I met a few years ago through a local trail running group & we became fast friends. When I decided to organize a running event called Survivorfest Running Event to benefit our local sexual assault centre & help athletes qualify for the 24 Hour World Running Championship, she offered to help without hesitation. Due to the circumstances, we had to cancel this year but she continued to help out despite everything going on around us & balancing taking her family. If there’s a hero, she is it ❤️


Karoly Totka

Nominated By: Jackie Shyti

He’s dedication to his work!! Always putting patients first! Coworkers look up to him & depend on him for his knowledge & quick response. Has won nurse of the year!


Eric Rizzo

Nominated By: Allison Rizzo

He goes above and beyond everyday when working and pushes himself to the limits. He is loved by all his Patients and coworkers. He is not afraid of picking up shift and helping out those in need and risks his life with everything going on in the world today. He is the big brother that I look up to each and everyday of my life


Nominated By: Donna Rizzo

Eric is a nurse Assistant at St Clair Hospital Pittsburgh PA. He has been at St Clair for 5 years. He has a great work ethic and He is a great guy with a fantastic attitude and never complains no matter what jobs are assigned to him. Patients and co workers love and respect him. In his spare time he loves to run.


Nell Prosise

Nominated By: Heather Siewert

Nell has been on the frontlines in the covid ICU since this happened. She is top notch at everything she does and does it fiercely. She is unafraid to care for positive patients near death or fighting to live. She cries with patients and families because this is real and she is a good human. Give this lady some socks just to remind her she is worth being cared for right now too.


Peter Dammen

Nominated By: Alexandra Dammen

I am nominating my husband Peter. He is a Physician Assistant in Emergency medicine in Seattle, WA. He has been a PA for ~ 9 years and is the most beloved, humble person I know. He is the type of person who is kind person who puts forth 100% effort and care to everything he does with a positive attitude - especially caring for others. He loves to exercise and decompresses with running and hiking. Most of all he loves CEP. Please consider him for your generous gift.


Jim Kerekes

Nominated By: Eric Rizzo

He’s working in the emergency room of a busy hospital in downtown Pittsburgh and I know he could use a pair of compression socks not only for work since he’s on his feet all the time, but also for when he runs when he’s off. He’s always about putting others first and has taken all the precautions to keep himself and his family and friends safe during this time.