CEP 3.0: The Best Socks Just Got Better

CEP 3.0:
The Best Socks Just Got Better


New Design and Color Concept

Generation 3.0 features a new design and color concept and comes in full, calf sleeve, mid-cut, low-cut, and no-show styles.

High-Performance Yarn

Dual-function TWD SMART Dry yarn construction that optimizes your comfort on hot and cold days.

Moisture Management Technology

FERAN ICP promotes fast evaporation that keeps you dry and supports the natural cooling effect of body moisture.

CLIMA Management Technology

HEIQ SMART TEMP technology works to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable with perfect breathability.

Precise Compression

The improved fit of Generation 3.0 provides more accurate compression with little variance from sock to sock.

Asymmetric Toe Box

This design enhancement creates a better, more perfectly anatomical fit that helps prevent irritation and blistering.

New Look. New Feel. New Fit.

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Benefits of Running Compression Socks

CEP Socks 3.0 provide optimum performance and recovery, reduce strain and swelling, and extend your endurance. Our revolutionary compression design provides runners with optimum comfort and performance.

Performance, recovery, and comfort — three ways that quality compression gear can benefit you. Athletic compression socks increase blood flow by moving deoxygenated blood back to the heart to be recharged with oxygen and nutrients, so you can expect more from your body.