Dr. Jena Gatses

Doctor of Physical Therapy | Movement & Rehabilitation SpecialisT

Dr. Jena Gatses, PT, DPT, LMT, CSCS, is an Athlete, Physical Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Manual Therapist, Exercise Specialist, Teacher, and Author; with over 15 years of experience specializing as:

  • Owner and Operator of Scientific Fitness LLC since 2012
  • Strength Coach, PT, and Consultant to Professional Athletes, Elite CEO’s, Celebrities, & the General Population for over 15 years

Working with Athletes from the Olympics, MLB, UFC, Crossfit Games, Olympic Weightlifting, Track & Field, NFL, Ironman, Rugby, etc.

As well as the General Population: Geriatric, Neurological & Degenerative Brain Disease, Pediatric, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing, Burn & Trauma at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL, etc.

  • Head Physical Therapist & Strength Coach for 4 years

6 NASCAR Drivers & Entire Pit Crew Team, Back up Crews; 3 Motocross Riders for Joe Gibbs Racing full time; Part-time for Other Riders & Teams per request.

Specializing in Skill Based Training, Body Ergonomics, Corrective Exercise, Recovery, Movement Mechanics, Preventative Care, Pre/Post Surgical, & Sports Performance

  • Manual Therapist for over 10 years

Myofascial Manipulation: Deep Tissue/Sports Rehab, Cupping, Dry Needling, Vibration Therapy, Stretching/Mobility, Joint Mobilizations/Manipulation

  • Teacher for over 6 years

Creator of Continuing Education Seminars, Live (Lecture & Hands-on) Workshops, & Videos for Coaches and Therapists related to Performance, Manual Therapy Techniques, Preventative Care, Pain, etc.; Corporate Wellness/Preventative Programming & Consultant for Coca-Cola, Energy United, Joe Gibbs Racing, etc.

Dr. Gatses is an Active Member of the Health and Fitness Community and Can be seen on NBC Sports, discussing Health & Physical Therapy techniques, On Fuse TV’s Fluffy Breaks Even; Whipping the Cast Members into Shape. On NBC news, Teaching Mobility and Pain Relieving Techniques, and more!