Boost Your Performance in These 10 Activities CEP Compression Apparel

Compression Socks while Hiking

Compression apparel does more than just make you look good at the gym. These skin tight socks and sleeves apply a gradient of pressure that force blood back up to the heart. Benefits of wearing compression gear include improving blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow, reducing swelling and pain, and boosting endurance.

Compression apparel isn’t limited to just runners either. Below are 10 activities where CEP compression apparel helps you excel.

Compression Apparel for Every Activity

See how compression apparel from CEP can help you excel in almost any sport.

  1. Hiking
    Hiking can take a toll on your feet. Hiking compression socks from CEP give you the support you need for the most rugged of terrain to keep your feet dry and warm, promote blood circulation, ward off blisters, and help you recover in time for your next hike.

  2. Running
    Running demands that your body delivers oxygen to your muscles, keeps blood circulating to and from your heart, and combats lactic acid. Compression apparel for running does all that and more to help you boost endurance and minimize injury and recovery time.

  3. Fitness.
    Fitness compression apparel like socks, sleeves, tights, shorts, and shirts provide the stabilization, temperature regulation, moisture control, and posture needed for a long workout and fast recovery.

  4. Injury prevention.
    Preparation is the key to preventing injury. And the right compression apparel for injury prevention provides the support, moisture control, blood circulation, and oxygen flow to keep you off the sidelines.

  5. Recovery.
    Recovery begins well before you finish. By freeing up the flow of oxygen and blood during your activity, compression gear for recovery reduces the buildup of lactic acid and blisters afterward.

  6. Traveling.
    Poor circulation and muscle soreness can make traveling a pain. Travel in style and comfort with compression socks and tights for traveling that reduce swelling and congestion in the extremities while improving circulation and breathability.

  7. Skiing.
    Cold weather, moisture, and stability are three things you need in skiing apparel and everything you’ll find in compression apparel for skiing from CEP. Choose from thermal and padded socks, shirts, tights, and sleeves.

  8. Cycling.
    Go the extra mile in your ride with compression wear for cycling designed to regulate moisture and body temperature, increase muscle support, and improve circulation and oxygen flow for better endurance and faster recovery.

  9. Golf.
    Golf shoes aren’t exactly known for their comfort, but when paired with CEP compression socks for golfing, you can focus on your swing and not your feet. Padded cushioning for anti-blister support, temperature regulation, and protection against Plantar Fasciitis team up to take your game to the next level.

  10. Team Sports
    No matter your game, put compression gear for team sports from CEP in your lineup. Socks, calf and arm sleeves, shirts, tights, shorts, and more, all designed to give you the muscle and joint support, blister protection, blood circulation, and oxygen flow you need to be your best.

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Choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors in both men’s and women’s compression apparel from CEP. Whatever your activity, CEP gives you the biggest boost.

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