CEP Compression Socks Featured on MadeMan.com

CEP Compression Socks Featured on MadeMan.com

July 19, 2016 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

CEP's Achilles Support socks on Mademan.com

MadeMan.com, a lifestyle website for 'gentlemen', included CEP's Achilles Compression socks in a feature on "Fitness Gear That'll Keep You From Effing Up Your Workout" saying, "You heard what happened to Achilles, right? Better get a pair just to be safe."

We agree!

TheAchilles Support sock improves circulation in your feet without restricting movement. Targeted compression over the mid-foot and ankle reduces superficial swelling by supporting the Plantar Plexus network of veins. It also stabilizes your Achilles tendon, reducing your risk of injury!

You can find our Achilles support socks (and other great products, designed to keep you moving safely) here.