How Compression Gear Is Effective at Injury Prevention

How Compression Gear Is Effective at Injury Prevention

CEP compression socks injury prevention

Padding, braces, and tape are all commonly used to help athletes ward off injuries. But one item that often goes overlooked as it relates to injury prevention is compression apparel. 

Compression socks, sleeves, shirts, and tights are not just style with no substance. This type of clothing is highly effective at preventing injuries. Below are six ways compression items like the ones found at CEP can keep you in the game. 

6 Ways Compression Gear Prevents Injury

1. Stabilization and Support

Running, jumping, cutting, planting, throwing, and lifting are all moves that can cause injuries. And they are all moves that can be made safer with compression clothing. Compression socks and sleeves act as a brace to support and stabilize muscles and joints, protecting you from injuries caused by stretching or stress. 

2. Blister Prevention

The precise and anatomical fit of CEP Compression socks eliminate friction with padded cushioning at blister hotspots and seamless toe closure. The high-tech fibers reduce moisture, allowing you to remain dry and blister-free through the finish line. 

3. Improved Circulation

The snug fit of compression clothing helps improve blood circulation, which in turn fights off lactic acid and the soreness that comes along with it. 

4. Temperature Regulation

A well-regulated temperature does more for your body than just keep your comfortable. Colder temperatures cause muscles to contract, making them more vulnerable to a pull or tear. Meanwhile, hot temperatures combined with exercise are a recipe for heat stroke. Compression shirts and tights are effective at helping you maintain a healthy core temperature that will mitigate the risk of injury.  

5. Increased Oxygen Flow

Compression apparel increases the flow of oxygen between your heart and your extremities, which improves endurance. When you’re tired, you become more prone to falling or twisting an ankle because of tired legs. 

6. Reduced Muscle Oscillation

Muscle oscillation is the movement of your muscles as your foot hits the ground and sends tiny vibrations rippling throughout your body. Compression gear limits these vibrations and helps prevent microtrauma and exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD).

Shop Compression Apparel for Injury Prevention

Compression apparel from CEP is specifically designed to prevent injuries and help with existing injuries such as:

  • Knee pain
  • Shin splints
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Ankle pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Achilles injuries

Shop for compression sleeves for injury in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors in both men’s and women’s apparel and stay off the sidelines.