8 Ways CEP Compression Helps You Play Better Golf

golfer on putting green CEP compression socks

You might think the loose clothing you wear to the golf course is beneficial because it helps free up your body to swing without restriction. But when it comes to the way clothes fit, the opposite can be true for golfers. Wearing compression apparel is advantageous for all athletes, and it can give you an edge on the golf course. 

Below is a list of eight reasons golfers should considering wearing  CEP compression socks and apparel when they play. 

How Compression Apparel Helps You Play Your Best Golf

1. Added Stability

Golf courses are full of steep hills, steps, sand, and uneven terrain. The added stability afforded by a pair of CEP compression socks keeps you on your feet and on top of your game. 

2. Moisture Control

Golf is hard enough without struggling against your own sweat. CEP compression socks and shirts keep the moisture where it belongs — out of your golf swing. 

3. Blister Protection

Walking 18 holes can cover more than  6 miles of ground, so it’s important to have the right protection against blisters. CEP compression socks are designed with anatomically padded cushioning for anti-blister support.  

4. Temperature Regulation

Golf is played in a variety of climates, but compression shirts from CEP are designed to make sure you’re always teeing it up in a comfortable temperature.

5. Improved Posture

Posture is a critical component of the golf swing, and CEP compression shirts promote an ergonomic posture to increase body efficiency and reduce posture-related injuries.

6. Relief from Golfer’s Elbow 

Golfer’s elbow happens when damaged tendons in the forearm muscles become attached to the bony bump on the inside of your elbow and cause pain in the forearm and wrist. CEP compression arm sleeves stabilize muscles to prevent injuries like golfer’s elbow.

7. Muscle Soreness and Stiffness

CEP compression socks increase blood circulation and oxygen flow, allowing you to recover from a round faster and hit the links again the next day free from soreness or stiffness.

8. Strengthened Base

It’s vital to maintain a strong foundation during the golf swing. CEP compression socks use a no-slip design with targeted compression on the ankle and arch to promote proper footwork and stability while you swing.

Shop for CEP Compression Apparel for Golf

Browse a wide selection of golfing compression socks, shirts, and sleeves from CEP available in both men’s and women’s lines and in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. You’ll even find products designed specifically for certain injuries like Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints, and more. 

Take your golf game to the next level with CEP.