It’s National Running Day!

It's National Running Day!

Are you headed out for your daily run today? Join millions of runners across the United States on the first Wednesday in June (June 6th) as they reaffirm their passion for running.

CEP can help make your run more enjoyable with gear featuring gradient compression that offers key benefits so you can hit the ground running.   

Benefits of Compression:

  • Helps stabilize your arch, ankles, and the muscles and joints in your lower legs
  • Helps relieve tired, heavy legs
  • Improves blood circulation which helps provide better oxygen supply to the muscles

Pro Tip: Compression will also help prevent shin splints and overuse injuries, as well as delay onset muscle soreness while you’re on the run so you can go farther.

All of our gear is made of high-quality and breathable synthetic fibers and Merino wool that wick moisture away to keep you dry and comfortable. Our socks feature high-tech compression fibers and toe-box elasticity that forms a barrier between you and your shoe. They also mold to your feet like a second-skin, giving you a superior shoe fit with guaranteed blister prevention and wearing comfort. 

Get out there and run! It’s National Running Day!

Check out some of our favorite gear 

Women’s Run Socks 2.0 (and Men) - $60.00

No matter the distance, the Run Sock 2.0 offer maximum benefits. The flagship product in the CEP line-up, these socks are the defining performance product in the compression category. CEP’s proprietary compression profile improves blood flow, reduces muscle soreness and quickens recovery time.

Men’s Calf Sleeves 2.0 (and Women) - $40.00

Sporting the same compression performance as the Run Sock 2.0, the Calf Sleeves 2.0 pair perfectly with your favorite pair of socks. Increased blood flow with the added protection of muscle support make these a perfect addition to any training or race day.

Women’s No Show Socks (and Men) - $18.50

The same footbed found in the Run Sock 2.0 goes into this new addition to the line. Targeted compression throughout the foot provides support, improves shoe fit and reduces swelling.

Compression Thigh Sleeves - $50.00

CEP Thigh Sleeves are specifically made to meet the rigors of activity that requires quality quad support. The knit compression sleeve fits easily over quad muscles to provide support during use and reduce the risk of injury. Having well-supported quads will speed recovery from minor strains.

Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve, Single - $25.00

A knit massage zone for improved circulation and arch support and protection against strains. Includes medical grade compression around the instep, providing a close fit and low profile. Open toe design for comfort and heat management. Buy a pair.

Men’s NightTech Calf Sleeves (and Women) - $45.00

Safety is the number one priority when darkness falls. The new CEP NightTech Calf Sleeves feature side reflectors for improved visibility in the dark. The eye-catching safety color and reflective properties ensure that you always run safely, no matter what time of day or night you run.

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