CEP’s Compression Sock 3.0 Delivers the Best Fit at Any Length

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CEP 3.0 Compression Socks

With numbered products, the next iteration has to feel earned. We knew with our CEP Compression Socks 3.0, we had to make the best fitting, best feeling, best performing socks ever.

So that’s exactly what we did. Let’s talk about our full range of 3.0 compression footwear and what makes these socks work.

New Features of CEP’s Compression Socks 3.0

CEP Compression gear functions as a system of interwoven technology, and our new line of socks and calf sleeves feature the most advanced version of this technology to date. These are the leaps we’ve made moving from 2.0 to 3.0.

New Design and Color Concept

It’s important that our products deliver benefits in every length so that you can enjoy them no matter what your preference is. We’re pleased to offer the following:

Each pair of socks features a new design, and all socks come in a variety of color combinations.

High-Performance Yarn

You can wear CEP socks year round and be comfortable no matter the weather, and that’s thanks to TWD SMART Dry yarn. This dual-function yarn insulates your feet and legs in colder seasons and breathes for improved cooling in warmer seasons.

Precise Compression

An updated design and better materials combine for an improved fit with every pair of socks. You can expect an accurate, consistent compression profile no matter which length you choose.

Asymmetric Toe Box

Our 3.0 socks are designed with specificity in mind. Each pair has a defined left and right sock that provides a more comfortable, anatomical fit and prevents blisters and irritation.

Moisture Management Technology

You can work out in the heat, and you can work out in the cold, and with FERAN ICP technology, you can even work out when it’s wet. CEP socks promote fast evaporation to keep your feet dry and provide more cooling.

CLIMA Management Technology

Building off of TWD SMART Dry yarn, HEIQ SMART TEMP tech further augments the natural breathability of our 3.0 compression gear.

How You Can Benefit From CEP Compression Socks 3.0

In addition to the new design elements integrated into the 3.0 socks, CEP Compression gear is still made with the goal of offering runners optimum comfort and performance. Compression socks can improve your endurance, speed up recovery time, and reduce strain and swelling on your muscles. By increasing your blood flow and moving deoxygenated blood back to your heart, CEP compression technology helps your body stay fully charged with oxygen and nutrients.

Learn more about our products when you browse our catalog for men’s compression gear and women’s compressional apparel.

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