How CEP Compression Socks Complete Your Workout

How CEP Compression Socks Complete Your Workout

You always make sure to wear a proper pair of shoes and suitable workout clothes to the gym. But you’ve likely never given a second thought about your socks.  

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know how compression socks can boost your workout. Below are five ways CEP compression apparel helps with strength and fitness. 

3 Reasons to Wear CEP Compression Socks While Working Out

Increased Blood Flow 

Blood that is rich with oxygen and nutrients is delivered from the heart to our extremities, where those nutrients and oxygen are absorbed. The depleted blood is then returned to the heart where it’s given a reload before being sent back out again. 

Compression causes artery walls to dilate, and in turn, blood flow is sped up. That means the nutrient-rich and oxidized blood is delivered to your extremities faster and the depleted blood returns to the heart faster as well. 

This constant re-upping of oxygen and nutrients helps your muscles perform at their peak and increase endurance

Faster Recovery

The blood that is on its way back to the heart is full of lactic acid, which is produced during intense workouts. When the blood is slow to return to the heart, that lactic acid collects in certain areas of the body and lingers, causing soreness and stiffness later on. 

This is partly why runners do a “cool-down” run after a workout — it pumps the lactic acid back into the heart and prevents it from pooling up in the extremities. CEP compression socks have the same effect. 

Ankle and Arch Stabilization

CEP compression socks have an anatomical fit that promotes proprioceptive ankle and arch stabilization. This provides a solid foundation for your workout and allows you to practice proper technique and minimize your risk of injury. There are even CEP compression socks designed specifically for ankle pain, Plantar Fasciitis, and Achilles pain. 

See the Benefits Yourself  

CEP compression socks for working out also provide superior moisture control and temperature regulation while the no-slip design eliminates blisters. 

Shop for CEP compression socks in both men’s and women’s selections with a wide variety of styles, sizes, colors, and designs. Get the most out of your workout with CEP. 

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