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Recovery Products

    •  Black

    Men's Recovery+ Pro Tights

    Extra strong compression for noticeable recovery effects after just two hours. For ambitious athletes for recovery.


    •  Black

    Women's Recovery+ Pro Tights

    Outstanding fit and unique effect thanks to special measuring process with multiple measuring points


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    Recovery+ Merino Socks

    Regain your power from nature. For all athletes for recovery, daily use and travel.



  • Long trips to away games

    Your legs get heavy.

  • Hard workouts

    Your muscles feel noticeably fatigued.

  • Sore muscles and cramps

    Intense training and competition lead to muscle injuries.

  • Cold muscles

    The risk of injury is high at the beginning of every workout.


  • Perfect Travel Stockings

    Air Travel and DVT Prevention - The Graduated Compression Technology in CEP’s Recovery+ Pro Compression Socks keeps resting blood moving through your legs during air travel, reducing the chance of an embolism or blood clot.

  • Optimal Regeneration

    The fastest way to repair damaged and fatigues muscles and soft tissue is to supply more blood flow to them.

  • Performance You Can Feel

    From the moment you put them on, CEP’s proprietary compression profile gets to work on optimizing blood.

  • Perfect Preparation

    Pre-game preparation with CEP increases blood flow through the system optimizing warm-up and preparing muscles for game time.

Optimized Recovery makes every workout count

Peak performance is only possible when recovery is optimal. CEP’s line of Recovery+ products feature Graduated Compression Technology that provides 20-30mmHg of pressure at the ankle and reduces as it comes of the leg. The graduated pressure profile is perfected for the athletes body via the circumferential measurement system used in all of CEP’s products. Recovery+ products can be worn post exercise as a therapeutic means to repair damaged tissue and reduce swelling and muscle soreness. The compression profile of the Recovery+ line is ideally suited for air travel and general leg health.